Annual Spring Clean-Up to Occur in Grand Teton National Park

May 19, 2008

Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott announced today that Grand Teton National Park staff and concession employees will join together for the annual park clean-up day on Thursday, May 22. From 8 a.m. to noon, employees will be out picking up litter along park roadways, turnouts and parking lots before summer visitors arrive. Anyone driving through Grand Teton on Thursday morning should be alert for people walking along the roads. Slow moving and parked vehicles will be encountered during clean-up hours.

Each year before the summer season is in full swing, park and concession employees take time to remove litter and debris from park roadsides and turnouts. This activity typically takes place by mid May; however, this year the park clean-up was rescheduled for May 22 due to the lingering snow cover along many of the park’s roads.

"Although park staff and concessioner employees traditionally take this time to ‘spruce up’ the park before summer visitors arrive, each and everyone who visits Grand Teton can eliminate unsightly trash by placing any litter in garbage cans and dumpsters located throughout the park. This relatively simple, and responsible, act is very much appreciated,” said Superintendent Scott.

The Craig Thomas and Colter Bay visitor centers and bookstores, as well as the interagency communication center and law enforcement patrols, will continue normal operations while clean-up efforts are under way throughout the park.