Natural Resource Stewardship Awards Given to Mary Gibson Scott & Sue Consolo Murphy

Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott
S & RM Chief Sue Consolo Murphy
February 10, 2009
National Park Service Intermountain Region Director Mike Snyder recently presented awards for natural resource stewardship to
Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott and Chief of Science and Resources Management Sue Consolo Murphy. The recognition awards acknowledge excellence in the areas of conservation leadership and resource management, and salute individual accomplishments in natural resource preservation by National Park Service employees throughout the Intermountain Region.

Superintendent Scott was recognized with the Superintendent of the Year Award for Natural Resource Stewardship. Scott’s achievements include: development of a strategic plan to guide partnership efforts in securing monetary support for wildlife and climate change research, and for programs designed to protect park wildlife; initiation and support of an interagency project to designate a wildlife migration corridor to protect pronghorn antelope; service for two years as the chair of the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee—a regional committee consisting of superintendents, supervisors and managers from two national parks, six national forests, and three national wildlife refuges; securing approval and funding for research on the potential adverse effects to wildlife from construction of a new multi-use pathway in the park; acquiring funding for permanent staff positions to research and monitor non-native plant infestations and increased grizzly bear presence in Grand Teton; and the establishment of strong relationships with park partners—notably the Rockefeller Associates and the Jackson Hole Airport Board—which led to consistent and long-term protection of park resources. Scott has regularly and consistently made resource protection a high priority and an overarching goal in managing new, and/or ongoing, park programs and projects.

Science and Resource Management Chief Consolo Murphy was presented with the Director’s Award for Natural Resource Management. Initiatives leading to her selection for this award include: development of interagency, multi-partner projects for monitoring complex geological interactions between the Yellowstone volcanism and Greater Yellowstone Area fault systems; creation of a comprehensive mapping project of Grand Teton’s trail system to assess conditions and impacts by horse and user-created trails; development of a data base to track research in climate change; contributions to the cooperative Greater Yellowstone Science and Learning Center with online reference products for researchers and educational institutions; oversight of research leading to the designation of the nation’s first wildlife migration corridor to protect pronghorn antelope; and guidance and fund-raising efforts to support wolf research and monitoring, as well as other wildlife research programs. Consolo Murphy is universally recognized by her peers as a consummate professional, supportive mentor, and ardent advocate for resource stewardship.

In acknowledging the individual accomplishments of Scott and Consolo Murphy, Regional Director Snyder stated, “These Park Service professionals are extremely committed to making science-based decisions and creating adaptive and cooperative approaches to resource management. They have made great contributions not only to the National Park Service, but also to the preservation of natural resources within Grand Teton National Park. They each provide a superb example for others to follow.”

Scott and Consolo Murphy will each receive an eagle sculpture plaque, along with their award certificates.