American Indian Guest Artists 2009 Program

American Indian guest artists
demonstrate their cultural artwork
May 18, 2009
Grand Teton National Park annually sponsors a program for visiting American Indian artists at the Colter Bay Visitor Center and Indian Arts Museum. For the past 34 years, artists from diverse tribes have demonstrated their traditional and contemporary art forms, providing visitors an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for, and understanding of American Indian art and culture.

Artists participating in the program represent tribes from across the United States. Among the art forms demonstrated are painting, weaving, pottery, beadwork, and musical instruments. Guest artists exhibit daily, Monday through Sunday, from approximately 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the lower level of the Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum. Artists also offer their finished items for purchase. The dates and guest artists scheduled for the 2009 season are:

May 18-24
Willie & Debbie LaMere (Shoshone)
beadwork & flint knapping

May 25-31
Willie & Debbie LaMere (Shoshone)
beadwork & flint knapping

June 1-7
Charlie Rising Sun (Northern Cheyenne)
flutes & Indian art

June 8-14
Charlotte Tendoy (Shoshone)

June 15-21
Guillermo Martinez (Tarascan-Apache)
drums & flutes

June 22-28
Andrea Two Bulls (Ogalala Sioux)
beadwork and painting

June 29-July 5
Ted Moran (S’Klallan)
Northwest coastal carving

July 6-12
Shonto Begay (Navajo)

July 13-19
Eddie Two Bulls (Ogalala Sioux)

July 20-26
Maynard White Owl (Nez Perce–Cayuse)
beadwork & jewelry

July 27-Aug 2
Dolly & Bonnie Woodie (Navajo)
weaving, clothes & beadwork

August 3-9
Paul Hacker (Choctaw)
flutes, knives & pottery

August 10-16
Willie & Debbie LaMere (Shoshone)
beadwork & flint knapping

August 17-23
DG House (Cherokee)

August 24-30
Jola Fay LeBeau (Eastern Shoshone)

August 31-Sept 6
Lela Teton & Josie Bronco (Shoshone)

September 7-13
Clyde Hall & Nancy Nacki (Shoshone)
beadwork & quillwork

September 14-20
Guillermo Martinez (Tarascan-Apache)
drums & flutes

September 21-27
DG House (Cherokee)

Sept 28-Oct 5
Willie & Debbie LeMere (Shoshone)
beadwork & flint knapping