Grand Teton NP Receives Generous Donation

Mark Kornmann of NPF presents GTA Exec. Director Jan Lynch
& Deputy Superintendent Bob Vogel with Carole Hays’ check
November 30, 2009
Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott is pleased to announce that a $25,000 donation was recently presented to the Grand Teton Association by Mark Kornmann of the National Park Foundation on behalf of Carole Hays, a Foundation board member. Hays offered her generous donation as a personal thank you to Grand Teton National Park and its employees who conducted a backcountry rescue of her this past summer. Hays’ substantial donation will be used to help establish a new “friends group” in support of the park’s search and rescue (SAR) program based at Jenny Lake—a program that performs multiple SAR operations each year.

Although Grand Teton and other parks have access to a national funding source specifically designed to defray costs associated with rescue incidents, there are often shortfalls in the funding needed for proficiency training and exercises, new and advanced SAR equipment, and a myriad of other associated costs. Through this donation and the creation of a friends group for Grand Teton's SAR program, a sustainable fund source will be available to support the efforts necessary in maintaining a highly-trained rescue team and fully-equipped rescue cache. The new friends group will enable Grand Teton to perform and fund vital SAR operations now and into the future.

The Grand Teton Association, the long-term cooperating association and partner of Grand Teton National Park, has accepted Hays’ donation on behalf of the park and established a dedicated account for this and other donations that may be directed specifically to support the park’s SAR program. The donation check was presented from the National Park Foundation to the Grand Teton Association through a grant agreement, establishing the Association as the fiscal manager of a Grand Teton National Park restricted “Search and Rescue” account.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and highly-skilled rescue staff at Grand Teton: a staff that is continually prepared to spring into action whenever the need arises,” said Superintendent Scott. “We are also very appreciative that Carole Hays has provided such a generous gift—the seed money to begin a new funding source that will help in assisting other visitors during their greatest time of need.” Superintendent Scott added, “With this generous check, Carole has created new opportunities for Grand Teton to provide critical care to those who may find themselves in need of rescue and medical care. Her generosity will benefit countless others.”