Moose HQ Site Work EA Available for Review

January 8, 2010
Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott announced today that the Moose Headquarters Rehabilitation Site Work Environmental Assessment (EA) is now available for public review. This EA will be open to review for 30 days, from January 11 through February 9, 2010.

The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to perform site improvements that are designed to enhance visitor services and address employee health and safety deficiencies at Grand Teton National Park’s headquarters area in Moose, Wyoming. The site work would restructure vehicle/pedestrian access points, promote better traffic flow, reduce user-created trails and consolidate pedestrian walkways, and improve way-finding throughout the Moose headquarters complex. The purpose of the proposal is to upgrade and improve conditions in a way that enhances visitors’ experiences while providing a safe, healthy, and functional working/living environment for park employees and their families.

The NPS preferred alternative involves the reconfiguration of vehicle and pedestrian traffic within the park administrative area and the Moose river landing access, the removal of several temporary buildings, and restoration work targeted at providing appropriate stormwater management. The proposed improvements are designed to increase visitor and employee safety, refine parking and traffic flow patterns, reduce the built environment, and improve water quality while still preserving the character of the area and protecting natural and cultural resources. The preferred alternative would be developed as a plan to guide the proposed site work. The EA also evaluates a no-action alternative which describes the current condition with no site work applied.

For those choosing to submit a comment, be advised that any responses given—including personal identifying information—could be made public at any time. While persons making comments may request that their identifying information be withheld from public access, there is no guarantee that the NPS will be able to honor such a request.

Copies of the EA are available online at or on Grand Teton’s Web site at You may also request a copy through the park’s Planning Office by calling 307.739.3390.