Reminder: Fireworks Prohibited on Federal & County Lands

June 29, 2010
As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, visitors and local residents alike are reminded that fireworks are not permitted in Grand Teton National Park, on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, or in Teton County. It is essential that everyone strictly comply with this regulation, especially given the drying conditions and warmer temperatures taking place across the greater Jackson Hole area.

Besides the fireworks prohibition on public and county lands, campers are reminded that unattended or abandoned campfires can quickly escalate into wildfires; therefore, it is extremely important that all campfires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving a site. Campers and day users should never leave a fire unattended, and should always prepare for the unexpected by having a water bucket and shovel on hand and ready for use.

On Sunday, June 27, at least 10 unattended or abandoned campfires were discovered and extinguished by Teton interagency fire staff and law enforcement officials at campgrounds in Grand Teton and roadside campsites on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Any one of these campfires could have easily started an unwanted wildfire.

With the arrival of the annual fire season, area residents and visitors are requested to report a fire or smoke by calling 307.739.3630. For more fire information, please visit