Injured Runner Evacuated from Lower Saddle

August 12, 2010
In a quick rescue operation taking less than an hour, Grand Teton National Park rangers evacuated an injured runner from the 11,650-foot Lower Saddle on Thursday morning, August 12, using the Teton Interagency contract helicopter. Meredith Edwards, age 26, from Wilson, Wyoming was on a day trip, attempting to run to the Lower Saddle and back.

Edwards was at the Lower Saddle when she took a misstep on a rock just before 11:00 a.m., causing an injury that prevented her from hiking out on her own. Two rangers who were already on patrol at the Saddle assisted Edwards and provided initial emergency medical care before requesting an aerial evacuation.

One ranger accompanied the helicopter to the Lower Saddle where they picked up Edwards and flew her inside the ship down to Lupine Meadows. From there, Edwards transported herself to further medical care.

Rangers remind hikers and climbers that dangerous and variable snow conditions persist above 10,000 feet. Backcountry users are advised to stop in or call a visitor center or ranger station on the day of travel to obtain the most current trail, route and snow conditions. Climbers should also note that most climbing accidents involve slips on snow, and most occur on the descent at the end of the day.

This marks the eighth major search and rescue operation of the season conducted by Grand Teton rangers.