Fence Removal Project Scheduled

October 18, 2007

Grand Teton National Park staff will join volunteers from the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation and employees of Cloudveil on Friday, October 19, to remove about a three-mile section of old buck and rail fence which parallels Highway 26/89/191 from Gros Ventre Junction to the south end of Blacktail Butte. This community service project will improve wildlife movement across park lands and reduce costs associated with maintaining an aging and decaying structure.

For the past several years, park employees and volunteer groups have been removing barbed wire fences and other fence remnants from in and around the Antelope Flats area of the park. This scheduled fence removal project continues recent efforts to reduce impediments to wildlife movements across park lands, and eliminates old fencing that no longer serves a purpose for human activities in the area.

Cloudveil and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation have teamed up to assist Grand Teton National Park in completing this landscape improvement project. Volunteers interested in helping with this, or other improvement projects, may contact Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation fence removal volunteer coordinators at 307.733.1582.

Buck and rail fences associated with designated historic districts in the park will remain as part of the cultural landscape. Other buck and rail fences that serve as a point of demarcation for public access, or confine stock animals to authorized grazing allotments, will also remain in place.