Grand Teton National Park Initiates Temporary Closure along Jackson Lake

October 4, 2007

Grand Teton National Park Acting Superintendent Bob Vogel announced today that a temporary closure has gone into effect to protect archeological resources along the lakeshore of Jackson Lake north of Leek’s Marina. To protect these sensitive resources, a closure area has been established and posted along both the western and eastern shorelines at the north end of Jackson Lake.

The surface waters of Jackson Lake remain open to boating activities. Boat ramps at Signal Mountain and Leek’s Marina are still open for launching; however, conditions are marginal due to low water. Boaters cannot beach their watercraft along any of the exposed shorelines at the north end of the lake. The temporary area closure is posted with “closed to public entry” signs, which specifically prohibits all human entry by any means. Park rangers patrol these areas and provide public information about the closure to assist visitors with alternative lakeshore access. Violation of the closure can result in a citation and prosecution.

The National Park Service reminds visitors that it is illegal to disturb archeological sites and removing any artifacts is prohibited.