Grand Teton National Park Purchases Green Power from Lower Valley Energy

April 21, 2008

In recognition of Earth Day 2008, Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott announced today that Grand Teton National Park will purchase 100% green power through Lower Valley Energy’s Green Power Program. The decision to purchase green energy to provide electricity for all of the park’s visitor and operational facilities was made for multiple reasons: to reduce Grand Teton National Park’s carbon footprint, to support the development and growth of renewable energy technologies, and to protect the environment. The renewable energy resources used to produce green power—such as wind, solar and water—are clean sources of energy that minimize negative environmental impacts in comparison to conventional energy technologies produced by burning fossil fuels—such as coal, oil and natural gas.

By purchasing 100% green power, Grand Teton National Park joins other local and regional organizations, businesses and individuals who support greater reliance on renewable resources. Renewable energy technologies can also encourage local economic development, provide a potential source of domestic jobs, and promote better national energy security.

“The National Park Service’s commitment toward conservation and preservation of our natural resources has always been paramount,” stated Superintendent Scott. “Therefore, the decision to redirect Grand Teton’s energy use toward appropriate renewable sources through Lower Valley Energy’s Green Power Program is in keeping with both the NPS philosophy and mission. We appreciate the opportunity to select power from these alternative energy sources, and we commend Lower Valley Energy for their efforts in making this possible.”