Teton Park Road Opens for Spring Activities

April 1, 2008

The Teton Park Road in Grand Teton National Park has been plowed and may be used for non-motorized activities such as hiking, biking, and inline skating from Taggart Lake parking area to Signal Mountain. While the road is mainly clear of snow from Taggart Lake to Jenny Lake, areas north of South Jenny Lake junction have received additional snow from recent storms, and snow removal by rotary equipment and plows is currently underway to clear newly-formed drifts. For safety reasons, visitors should exercise caution whenever approaching snow removal equipment on the Teton Park Road. Visitors should also be alert for park vehicles that may occasionally travel the road for administrative purposes.

The Moose-Wilson Road has also been plowed and opened for non-motorized use.

Leashed dogs are permitted on the Teton Park, Antelope Flats, and Moose-Wilson roads, as well as other park roadways. Dogs are restricted to roads and turnouts—they are not permitted to travel beyond fifty feet from roadbeds or into the park’s backcountry. Owners failing to keep pets on a leash (six foot maximum length) may cause the future prohibition of dogs on park roads.

Mutt Mitt stations are in place at the Taggart Lake parking area and pet owners are required to use waste disposal bags to pick up after their dogs.

As a reminder, entrance stations are operating and collecting fees. Fee options are as follows:

$12 for a 7-day permit for foot/bicycle entry into Grand Teton & Yellowstone national parks
$20 for a 7-day permit for motorcycle entry into Grand Teton & Yellowstone national parks
$25 for a 7-day permit for vehicle entry into Grand Teton & Yellowstone national parks
$50 for a Grand Teton/Yellowstone Annual Pass valid for one-year entry into both parks
$80 for an Interagency Annual Pass valid for one year entry to all fee areas on federal lands

When entering the park using a pass, please be sure to bring personal identification.

Bicyclists are required to stop and show an entry pass before proceeding through the gates, just as motorized vehicles are required to do.

The annual springtime opening of the Teton Park Road is a much anticipated event because it provides a unique and excellent opportunity to access the roadway before regular vehicle traffic begins for the summer. Both the Teton Park and Moose-Wilson roads will open to vehicle traffic for the full summer season on Thursday, May 1, 2008.