Increased August Visitation Recorded for GTNP

September 3, 2009
Recreational visits to Grand Teton National Park during the 2009 summer season showed a notable increase for the second consecutive month (July and August), over visitation numbers for the same months in 2008. A total of 568,122 visitors were recorded during August of 2009 compared with 527,256 visitors in August of 2008, making a 7.75% increase in visitation.

Grand Teton’s July 2009 visitation numbers showed an increase of 5.91% over visitation totals for July of 2008. Although the year-to-date, total visitation is down a slight .81%, the increased numbers of visitors during July and August are encouraging. “Given the economic concerns across America, these visitation numbers are promising,” said Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott. “We believe that families and individuals look to our national parks for an economical, value-packed, quality vacation. In addition, visitors know that national parks are special places with the capacity to enrich our lives and provide education, enjoyment, and adventure.”

The month of September affords one of the most enjoyable times to visit Grand Teton National Park. With spectacular autumn colors on display and exciting wildlife activity to watch, it’s a truly special season in which to visit the park. Several free, ranger-led programs, along with many concessioner-operated activities, are available for fall visitors to Grand Teton. For a list of these activities, visit the park’s Web site at or go to the following URL: