Lightning-Caused Fire in Willow Flats Area

September 2, 2009
Teton interagency firefighters will monitor the activity of a new lightning-caused fire in Grand Teton National Park and manage it for resource benefit. The Third Creek Fire started during the passage of a thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon, August 30, in the Willow Flats area northwest of Jackson Lake Dam. The one-tenth acre fire is burning in a moist willow thicket, just north of the high-water line on Jackson Lake and about one-half mile east of the Hermitage Point Trail.

Smoke from the Third Creek Fire was visible yesterday from points along the Teton Park Road, as well as from Jackson Lake Lodge and Signal Mountain Lodge. The fire may periodically produce noticeable smoke for the next several days due to afternoon heating and increased winds.

No trail closures are in effect because of the Third Creek Fire.

The current fire danger rating for Grand Teton National Park and the Bridger-Teton National Forest is “High.”

For local fire information, visit the Teton Interagency Fire Web site at, or use the redirect from For a map and information on the Third Creek Fire, go to